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Capriciousness vs. Faithfulness: God's Eschatological Plan for Ethnic Israel and Gentiles

November 7, 2021 Speaker: Travis Peacock

Topic: Sermons Verse: Romans 11:1–21

Capriciousness vs. Faithfulness: God's Eschatological Plan for Ethnic Israel and Gentiles, Romans 11:1-6, 17-21.

1. What is the big picture of Romans? (overview of each chapter)

     Rom. 1:16, The same gospel that saves the ethnic Jew is the same gospel that saves the Gentile, through belief in Christ. Rom. 9, it's not about ethnicity. Jesus is the true Israel. True Israel are those found in Christ.

2. What is the big question of Romans 11?

     Did God break his promises to ethnic Jews? Is he capricious? Rom. 10:21, it appears the majority have rejected Jesus.

3. What is the big answer to the question (does God reject his people, forgotten ethnic Jews)?

     Rom. 11:1, God has not rejected his people, ethnic Jews. God saves a remnant, by grace. It's not (for them) to have a nation, or a temple, or make a memorial sacrifice (that's blasphemous). Eschatological plan is for them to repent and believe Jesus.

4. What is the big principle that everyone (ethnic Jews and Greeks) seems to neglect?     

     Rom. 11:6, They will make it to glory by believing in Jesus Christ, by grace alone, by faith, not to pursue righteousness by works.

5. What is the big application to the Gentiles?

      Rom. 11:17, ethnic Jew branches were broken off; they were cut off. It's not (for them) to be a nation again, not to have a temple. We should pray for them to know Jesus Christ.

     The promises that have been given to (ethnic) Israel are now spiritualized in us (true Israel, the church). We get the whole entire earth, the seed, the blessings.