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Adult Sunday School: Survey of the Book of Romans

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Every Sunday until July 2, 2023

9:30am – 10:10am

Category: Adult Sunday School | Coordinator: New Covenant

Survey of the Book of RomansEach Sunday morning we summarized a portion of various chapters from the Book of Romans. This survey is meant to be a spiritually-enriching endeavor. We hope that you will find this series beneficial in your walk with Christ.

We started this series in Sep. 2022 and plan to continue into July 2023. We will take a break from Nov. 27, 2022 through Jan. 1, 2023. We will also not have Sunday School on Oct. 16, 2022, April 9, 2023, and June 25, 2023.

You can listen to some of the recorded lessons here.

Romans 1:1-17 (handout)
Romans 1:18-32 (handout)
Romans 2:1-11 (handout)
Romans 2:12-29 (handout)
Romans 3:1-20 (handout)
Romans 3:21-31 (handout)
Romans 4:1-12 (handout)
Romans 4:13-25 (handout)

(More to follow starting Jan. 8, 2023) bible banner ROMANS