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Men's Breakfast & Book Study: The Gospel According to Zechariah

Longing for God - clip 1 image

Every Tuesday until August 9, 2022

6:00am – 7:00am

Category: Men's Breakfast and Book Study | Coordinator: Bobby Wise

Longing for God - book coverJoin the men for our study in The Gospel According to the Old Testament Series. We are learning from the book by Bryan R. Gregory titled Longing for God in an Age of Discouragement: The Gospel According to Zechariah. This study presents a captivating vision of God and his work in the world, leading readers into a deeper longing for God and the coming of his kingdom. We meet at 6:00 a.m. at the at Plums Ice Cream and Sandwich Shop, located at 2409 Hwy 17 South, Suite C, Richmond Hill, GA 31324. Plums is located in the same building as Richmond Hill Pharmacy, behind the Ace Hardware. This study will go from April 26, 2022 for about 15 sessions, ending around mid-August, 2022. Contact Bobby Wise if you have any questions, newcovpres@gmail.com.


Part One: An Age of Discouragement
1. Reading Zechariah - page 3
2. The Call of Zechariah (1:1–6) - page 17

Part Two: The Night Visions
3. Longing for the Peace of God: The Vision of the Horseman (1:7–17) - page 33
4. Longing for the Justice of God: The Vision of the Horns and the Blacksmiths (1:18–21) - page 47
5. Longing for the Presence of God: The Vision of the Man with a Measuring Line (2:1–13) - page 59
6. Longing for the Righteousness of God: The Vision of the High Priest and the Pure Vestments (3:1–10) - page 73
7. Longing for the Purposes of God: The Vision of the Golden Lampstand and the Two Olive Trees (4:1–14) - page 83
8. Longing for the Authority of God: The Visions of the Flying Scroll and the Woman in the Basket (5:1–11) - page 97
9. Longing for the Victory of God: The Vision of the Four Chariots (6:1–8) - page 111

Part three: Epilogue to the Night Visions
10. Crowns, Priest, Branch, Temple (6:9–15) - page 125
11. From Fasting to Feasting (7:1–8:23) - page 137

Part Four: The Apocalyptic Visions
12. The Coming King (9:1–11:3) - page 157
13. The Rejected Shepherd (11:4–17) - page 177
14. The Pierced One (12:1–13:9) - page 189
15. The Final Renewal (14:1–21) - page 203

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