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Women's Wednesday Bible Study - Joshua: All God's Good Promises

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Every third and first Wednesday until March 4, 2020

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Category: Women's Wednesday Book Study | Coordinator: Women's Ministry

1 Joshua All God's Good Promises(POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19)

This study, led by LisaBeth Smith and Michelle Shepherd, meets on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month beginning Jan. 15th at 6:30 pm.  We are studying Joshua: All God's Good Promisesby Kathleen Buswell Nielson (Part of the Living Word Bible Studies Series). P&R Publishing. We will meet at LisaBeth's home. Childcare is at Katie Price's home. Questions? Contact newcovpreswomen@gmail.com.

Joshua: All God's Good Promises leads through a detailed study of this Old Testament book about God's unfailing promises to his people. Each lesson has five days of questions (along with helpful comments and context) guide in a process of careful examination and application of the biblical text. Close attention is given to the shape and development of the narrative—as Joshua leads across the Jordan, through the conquest of the land, and into the settled rest of the inheritance promised them. The book itself is the focus of study, although the context of Pentateuch law and the New Testament's ultimate fulfillment in Jesus are made clear.

The book of Joshua offers adventure, great stories, vivid characters, and—above all—an amazing account of the way God fulfills his promises to his people. Joshua is not bare history; it is history with a point—and the point is that God's Word is true—always, completely, without fail. Kathleen Nielson challenges us to live according to that Word. She reminds us that God's promises are just as good and true for God's people today as they were in Joshua's day—and they are now completed and fulfilled in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Each lesson includes questions for five days, plus helpful context and commentary, to lead to ever-increasing satisfaction, discernment, and delight in God's Word. The book of Joshua offers adventure, great stories, vivid characters - and an amazing account of the way God fulfills his promises to his people. 
Lesson 1 (Josh. 1) God Gives the Word
Lesson 2 (Josh. 2) God Shows His Merciful Plan
Lesson 3 (Josh. 3–4) God Brought Them Out—Keep Telling It!
Lesson 4 (Josh. 5–6) God Leads to Victory—His Way!
Lesson 5 (Josh. 7–8) God Takes Sin Seriously
Lesson 6 (Josh. 9–10) God Means for Us to Ask
Lesson 7 (Josh. 11:1–13:7) God Has Done It!
Lesson 8 (Josh. 13:8–19:51) God Gave It; His People Must Claim It!
Lesson 9 (Josh. 20–22) God Settles His People—According to His Word 
Lesson 10 (Josh. 23–24) God’s People Are Called to Respond