We are meeting together in-person only on Sunday mornings for worship as we continue to practice social distancing and follow CDC guidelines. 

The Sunday's sermon will be on Facebook if you are not able to attend in person. All sermons can be accessed here. Recently recorded Sunday School lessons & midweek Bible studies are online here.

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Men's Breakfast and Book Study: The Gospel in the Lives of Isaac & Jacob

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Every Tuesday until July 16, 2019

6:00am – 7:00am

Location: Ford Plaza, Omelette Cafe, 10060 Ford Avenue, Richmond Hill, GA 31324

Category: Men's Breakfast and Book Study | Coordinator: Bobby Wise

Living in the Grip of Relentless Grace Book CoverLiving in the Grip of Relentless Grace: The Gospel in the Lives of Isaac & Jacob (Series: The Gospel According to the Old Testament)

 Second Edition, 2015, by Iain M. Duguid, P&R Publishing

All men are encouraged to ​attend this study.  The men meet each Tuesday at the Omelette Cafe, Ford Plaza, 10060 Ford Ave., in Richmond Hill, 6:00 a.m., for 1 hour.  Email: bobbywise84@yahoo.com 

Time and time again, God uses insignificant and desperately sinful people to fulfill his marvelous plans. In short, he uses people like us! We find vivid examples of this truth in Isaac and Jacob, two men who couldn’t live up to Abraham’s example, let alone God’s standards—yet God never abandoned them. Iain Duguid’s study of their stories in Genesis shows us how the gospel triumphs not through human effort but through God’s relentless grace. His exposition and application will encourage readers who grapple with their shortcomings in the light of Christ, as well as aid teachers in tracing the golden gospel thread woven through the Old Testament. 

IAIN M. DUGUID (Ph.D., University of Cambridge) is professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, and has written numerous works of biblical exposition.

​We will cover a chapter per week:
1. Déjà Vu All Over Again (Genesis 25:19–34)
2. Patriarch II: Son of Abraham (Genesis 26)
3. Who’s to Blame? (Genesis 27)
4. Jacob Meets His Maker (Genesis 28)
5. The Wilderness Years (Genesis 29:1–30)
6. The Arms Race (Genesis 29:31–30:24)
7. Don’t Get Mad, Get Even (Genesis 30:25–31:55)
8. The Great Contender (Genesis 32)
9. Close Encounters (Genesis 33)
10. The Weakness of Strength (Genesis 34)
11. Back to Bethel (Genesis 35)