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Sunday's sermon will be on Facebook if you are not able to attend in person. Access sermons here.

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Post Category: Church Dynamics

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Picking Up Sticks in the Service of Jesus

The Christian life and ministry is one in which we take the lowest place in order to maximally benefit others. This is what Jesus did when He hung on the cross. This is what Paul did in all of his missionary endeavors--and in the menial labor of picking up sticks to start a fire. In following the example of Christ and the Apostle, we will find that God uses our humble serv...

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Becoming a Welcoming Church

In his important book, Outgrowing the Ingrown Church, Jack Miller recounted an experience he had at a church in which he had been invited to speak. As he and his wife walked around and met people in the church, they continually heard the members saying things like, "We're one of the friendliest churches in the community," and "we are a very friendly church." Sensing that s...

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Not-So-Great Expectations

Whenever I carry out pre-marital counseling with a young couple, I dedicate an entire session to the subject of expectations and communication. I do so, because of the way in which this prevalent and recurring issue lays at ground zero of many hurting and broken marriages. Relationships are strained or decimated by unspoken or unrealistic expectations. This is no less true...

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Time to Change Your Church!

Every church will have its deficiencies. Local church members must not allow discontentment to fester in their hearts and minds. Rather, we should seek to be “change agents” for the health and well-being of the body of which we are a part....

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Dividends and Drawbacks of Small Groups

Here are five reasons--with a few caveats--about why you should consider keeping your children in the service....

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Dividends and Drawbacks of Small Groups

The term "small group" (or its many variations) carries almost as much baggage as the word "missional." It means many different things to different people. Some envision small groups to be places of meals, sharing and service, while others see them as places of discipleship and spiritual growth. In his book, Outgrowing the Ingrown Church, Jack Miller explained that there a...

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